“Thank God for having given us sunny days all of us busy with exciting things to do and starry nights with a full immersion of wonderful music. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for what we have received! ”    
Stefania Mauro – Artistic Director




Animula Gospel Singers (Italy)

Directed by Roberto Leopardi, the choir from Verona has set up a performance whose melting pot, as in the Afroamerican liturgical Service, is the public itself which becomes an integral part of the concert.

Bee Geesus (Slovenia)

Bee Geesus is a Slovenian gospel choir. A group of lively singers that mingle their voices into harmonious urban sound under the direction of the well-known Matej Virtic. They call their musical expression Gospel Fever; it is known for its energetic execution of spiritual music with a strong harmony and firm rhythm.

BruCo Gospel Choir (Italy)

The BruCo Gospel Choir was founded in 1989 and since then they have been performing in the name of Gospel, bringing hope of salvation and joy by use of the powerful means of singing, under the direction of Piero Basilico. 

Coro Gospel de Ponte de Sor (Portugal)

Ponte de Sor Gospel Choir is one big family of more than 40 singers and musicians strung together by Gospel music and their passion for singing and their work in support of musical activities. Everyone who wishes to experience the aggregational practice of singing and playing can take part.

Freevoices (Italy)

The young singing ensamble Freevoices conducts an intensive concert activity with performaces based on specific themes in the style of “show-choir” where besides singing there is choreografy and scenografy. The Art Director is Manuela Marussi.

Loxton Mitchell (Grenada – Carribean)

He describes his reasons for singing Gospel as “my goal is to spread the Gospel through positive music so persons can actual make changes, think positive and in the end even our children can think or do the same …”.

Roma Gospel Voices (Italy)

This eclectic gospel choir, founded in 2004, with its 50 members of different nationalities is used to taking part to international events and competitions. You might have seen them at the Choir Festival in London. The Director is Nico Bucci.