“The Festival is an hub where variegated backgrounds and generations are brought together in shared experiences reaching out with the positive and powerful messages Gospel music professes.”
Stefania Mauro – Artistic Director


Gospel Shine Voices
Tenerife (Spain)

They were the first gospel choir to be founded in the Canary Islands in the year 2008! We wish to welcome on board the Gospel Shine Voices together with their director Gustavo Campos from Tenerife!

Provengono da Tenerife, Isole Canarie: diamo il benvenuto a bordo ai Gospel Shine Voices, fondati nel 2008 e diretti da Gustavo Campos!

The Marching Saints
Bologna (Italy)

Let’s get a taste of the energetic sound of the vibrant The Marching Saints directed by the eclectic Mr. Luca Crisafulli from Italy.

Vi diamo un piccolo assaggio dell’esplosivo ed energetico coro gospel The Marching Saints, diretto dall’ecclettico Luca Crisafulli e proveniente dall’Emilia Romagna.

Family KABATA Ministry
Luanda (Angola)

A big welcome to Family KABATA Ministry, from Angola. This Choir was founded in 2016 and has released two albums in 2017 and 2020! Enjoy their intense and emotional Gospel performance!

Un grande benvenuto al coro Family KABATA Ministry dall’Angola. Il coro fondato nel 2016, ha già realizzato due album nel 2017 e nel 2020. Godetevi la loro performance Gospel intensa ed emozionante!